the Thrill that comes Once in a Lifetime

My name is Matthew and we are in this together.

Oct 8

Roman Bathhouse Sandwiches

Oct 1

Unicorns & Monsters

Sep 17

A Mountain

Hannah asked for a poem about nature.  Incidentally, that’s what word I’d meant to type in line 21:  ”nature” not “batyre.”  Also, the Ken Burns documentary about Frank Lloyd Wright’s life is highly recommended.

Sep 10

Mothership Hotdog

Yvonne’s son, Owen had just graduated college and was making plans for the next phase of his life.  For a while he was seriously considering a turn driving the Oscar Mayer Weinermobile.  This is true.  His mother told me.  Instead, a friend gave him a one-way ticket to Alaska where Owen has spent the last year, presumably climbing glaciers, drinking cowboy coffee from an enameled camp mug, and writing the great american novel by lamplight.  I am jealous of Owen’s sense of adventure.

Sep 7

Marry Well

My wife, Tyler, blows me away sometimes.  Not only is she graciously supportive of a husband prone to disappearing to write poems for strangers, but she is also a an incredibly talented artist as well.  Recently, she painted wedding invitations our friends Remi and Nu.  Since many of Remi’s family members hail from France, while many of Nu’s relatives are from Vietnam, they asked Tyler to paint a three-panel, multilingual invitation that everyone could enjoy.

Not only did Tyler put together a beautiful invitation that reflected Remi and Nu’s interests and personality, but she also hand painted a unique place card for everyone who came to the wedding.  The place cards reflected fond memories and stories from the many places that Remi and Nu have explored together.  The France table had champagne and pastries.  The San Francisco table had the Golden Gate bridge.  The Chicago table had live jazz, and something called the “Hot Dog King.”  

All in all my wonderful, crazy, creative wife painted almost seventy miniature masterpieces.  You can check them all out at her website,, which also features a number of her other projects and miscellaneous creations.

Watching Tyler make art is one of my favorite things in the world.  Her work inspires me to push myself and try new things.  She understands the ups and downs of being creative.  She encourages me when I’m frustrated and is my biggest supporter when things are going well.  Basically, I married well and though I’d get a little braggy about it.  I also think you’ll love her art, so check it out!

Sep 3

Cheesy Love Poem

At the June pop-up market one of the other vendors, Ned from Go Local Produce, asked if I’d be willing to trade a poem for a giant bag of fresh fruit & vegetables.   Yes.  Yes, I would!  To be clear, he specifically asked for a “cheesy love poem” for his “teeny tiny cutie pie” wife.

Aug 27


Luke and Abel are brothers, aged 20 months & 1 month respectively.  Their interests include goldfish crackers and the muppet stylings of Sesame Street’s Grover.  They are fortunate enough to live on a Lake and to have grandparents who request that strangers in parking lots type poems for them.

Aug 20

The Entemologist’s Birthday

Chuck has made the peculiar life choice of studying ticks & mosquitos professionally.  Against those odds he has also maintained the affections of a family of humans that saw fit to mark the occasion of his 69th birthday with a poem.  

Aug 17


I’m still really upset and angry. He did it once, the camera happened to be on him, he did it once and I think it’s the funniest joke that’s ever been on our show. - Michael Schur (x)

Love this.

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Aug 13

A Sunny Day with Cats

Donna requested a happy poem about a sunny day before hurriedly adding cats to the mix. We don’t get to pick what delights us, but we can have people write about it.

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